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Tibet, or the "Roof of the World", is a world of mountains posing ever-changing challenges to mountaineers who always want to scale new heights or climb mountains that have been climbed before or by different routes. After mankind conquered both the Antarctic and Arctic in the 20th century, explorers turned their attention to the Tibetan Plateau. For millennia this land of majestic mountains was shrouded in mystery and beyond the reach of most aspiring mountaineers and are popular with mountaineers who wish to test their strength and spirit and transcend the limits imposed by nature on human endeavor.

The Tibetan Plateau has an average altitude of over 4,000 meters with many world-famous mountain ranges renowned for their elevation, relative young age and spectacular scenery. In the Himalayan Range alone, there are over 50 peaks with elevations of more than 7,000 meters and 11 peaks above 8,000 meters. In order to accommodate the needs of mountaineers from around the world, a number of mountain peaks have been open to international climbers since 1980.

Our company has led many climbing expeditions and are guides are well experienced climbing guides. They are trained to take you safely into the "thin air" of the Himalayas, and are particularly knowledgeable about the acclimatization process. We arrange equipment, climbing permits, all the visa and permits, guides, high-altitude porters, yak and yak men, transport, food provisions and accessories. 

Below we have made a selection of mountain peaks that we organize from the Tibet side:

Tibet Climbing Trips

Mt. Everest (Chhomolongma) - 8848m- NT-T301

Mt. Everest (Chhomolongma) - 8848m- NT-T301Climbing Everest is the dream for every mountaineer and can be done from the Tibetan side or the Nepali side. The mountain was successfully climbed for the first time by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953 from the Nepali side. This itinerary gives you more information about the route from the Northeast side in climbing the highest point in the world.
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Mt. Cho Oyu Expedition - 8,201m- NT-T302

Mt. Cho Oyu Expedition - 8,201m- NT-T302The year 2004 was regarded as the Golden jubilee for the Cho Oyu Mountain in the field of mountaineering. The golden jubilee ceremony was organized by the Nepal Mountaineering Association with a grand fanfare and jubilantly. Many successful expeditions have been made to the summit of this mountain up to this date.
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Mt. Shisapangma (Xixabangma) Expedition- Tibet - NT-T303

Mt. Shisapangma (Xixabangma) Expedition- Tibet - NT-T303Shishapangm is one of the lovely mountains of Tibet, which lies in its autonomous region, known by the Tibetans as “the big grassy field". It is the youngest among fourteen mountains above 8000m that lies in high Himalayan ranges.
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Climbing Mt. Gurla Mandata (Expedition- Tibet)- NT-T304

Climbing Mt. Gurla Mandata (Expedition- Tibet)- NT-T304This spectacular Gurla Mandata massif makes up part of the western section on the Himalayan Himal lying in the Burang Country of Tibet. The ascent takes place on the northern slope through the Zalompa glacier. The scenery is magnificent; down below stretches the arid Tibetan plateau enhanced in beauty by the sparkling lakes Manasorovar and Rakyas with Mount Kailash as the backdrop.
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Climbing Mt. Naimonanyi (Expedition- Tibet)- NT-T306

Climbing Mt. Naimonanyi (Expedition- Tibet)- NT-T306The Naimona'nyi Peak in Tibet is also known as the Mountain of Goddess or the Fairy Peak in Tibetan. Religious believers call the Manasarovar Lake between the two mountains as the Holy Lake. It is said that the water in the lake is the sweet dew given by the Buddhist ancestor Sakyamuni to the human beings.
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Climbing Mt. Nojin Kang Sang (Expedition- Tibet)- NT-T307

Climbing Mt. Nojin Kangsang (Expedition- Tibet)- NT-T307The Tibetan name Nojin Kangsang stands for "Yaksha (a malevolent spirit) living on the noble snowy mountain". Nojinkangsang is the main peak of the Lhagoi Kangri Shan - range, which rises between the town Gyangze (4045m) and the holy lake Yamdrok Tso, southwest of the Tibetan capital Lhasa (3658m).
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Are you looking for a different or specific mountain to climb? Please contact us with the details of your desired program and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Besides the peaks mentioned above, we organize the following peaks in Tibet as well:  

1. Khula Kangri Central (7418m) & East (7381m)-Tibet

2. YangrYangra Kangri (7429m)-Tibet
3. Ningqin Kangsa (Nojinkangsang 7206m)-Tibet
4. Yarlha Shampo (6635m)-Tibet
5. Nyaiqentanglha Range East-Tibet
6. Kangri Garpo Range East-Tibet
7. Selik Gulam Muztag (6691m)-Xinjiang
8. Muztagh Ata (7546m)-Xinjiang
9. Rock Peak of Jarjinjabo (5382m)-Sichuan  

If you want more information or some advice on one of the peaks mentioned above, feel free to send us an e-mail. If you wish to engage in a climbing expedition from the Nepal-side, please have a look at our climbing section for Nepal.

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