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Characteristics of Nature Trail

Nepal’s ever increasing reputation as a trekking paradise has created many travel agency options. However, Nature Trail Trekking is approaching things in a very different and unique way. As the name suggests, we are experienced in leading you into the land of the thinnest air and traversing centuries old nature trails that are still used by authentic mountain inhabitants. Moreover, we are also specialized in leading you to the lowlands, with its dense jungle and scenic wilderness, all steaming with a variety of rare species.

We arrange experiences at an unbeatable price whilst retaining value and quality. Other agencies claim to be the best or most professional but we invite you to experience our Nature Trail service. We believe our hard work and attentiveness to client’s desires has put us among the highest ranks in the business. Please continue through our website and see what we have to offer.

Natural & Cultural Sustainability

We strive to avoid any disturbance, negative impact or interference with the local ecology or way of nature. As members of the Nepal Mountaineering Association and Trekking Association, we are committed to trekking in a way that does not harm the local environment. Our objective is to protect the soft environment and indigenous cultures of our Himalayan kingdom, while sharing it with clients from around the world.

In addition, Nature Trail Trekking is committed to the people of the Himalayas, our people. We are engaged in social security and welfare programs to help economically disadvantaged people, in the development of education, environmental awareness and various aspects of their basic needs. A certain percentage of the profits from this company are placed into a welfare fund for this purpose. Any clients interested in contributing funds or wish to volunteer, please let us know and we will be happy to help to contact the worthy programs and organizations.

Safeness and reliability

Your safety and security comes first to us at Nature Trails and we take pride in that. We will do our best to take care of you and your belongings and will guide you in necessary preventive measures. After all, a worry free trip is something that is important to all of us!

All the members of our company are well-trained and experienced in their own respective fields, whether they are sirdars (guides), cooks, sherpas, drivers or porters. They are fully insured and ready to do everything in their power to ensure your happiness.

As with anywhere, and even though Nepal is a peaceful country and the people’s hospitality is undeniable, theft and crime can happen so we offer clients safety deposit services for cash and valuables while on your trip.

Prices & preferences

Firstly, we strive for the best possible value for money for all of our trips. Prices are dependent on a wide range of different factors but, whether you’re looking for a budget or luxury tour, we provide all possible options.

Factors to consider are your personal requirements (what level of service do you prefer with transport, accommodation, etc); the area which you intend to visit; duration of the tour; and whether you would like to travel solo or with a group.

We provide the opportunity to create your own tour with your personal preferences and we will take care of all the necessary arrangements to make your trip an unforgettable experience!

Comments & Suggestions

On our website, we highlight particular trekking areas, white water rafting and kayaking trips, jungle safaris, and sightseeing of heritage monuments.

We heartily welcome your comments and suggestions for alternative ways to enhance and preserve our natural heritage. Your opinions are important to us and our country.

We also invite you to discover our Nature Trail service for yourself so please come visit our office or feel free to contact us by phone for further information.

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